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  **Applicants must hold a current Real Estate Instructor's license from the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

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Prepare for both the course final as well as the state exam with our GREC-approved sales pre-licensing course. Get the information you need with an approach that meets your busy lifestyle! Select from online self-study, in-person classroom, or live webinar.


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Includes study time with local brokers using real-life examples in an exam prep approach, on demand videos to reinforce that knowledge, as well as online flashcards and exam simulator for practice.


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Now you know the materials and understand how to apply them. As a bonus, you’ve already begun building your network with local brokers and you are ready for success!

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About 50% of people taking the Georgia Real Estate Exam pass on their first try.

Our approach offers you all the tools you need to give yourself the best chance at success… guaranteed.

Barney Fletcher Path to Success

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In-Person Training

Sixteen hours of applied real-world learning presented by local real estate brokers throughout Georgia. A House’s Story covers the most important topics on the state licensing exam by reviewing how a house gets sold from start to finish. Prep for the state licensing exam while building connections with brokers at some of Georgia’s top firms.

TestPrep Online Exam Simulator

Take unlimited practice exams or study over 1,100 practice questions. No limit to how often you can take a practice exam and the same exam is never generated twice. Provides explanations for questions answered incorrectly and evaluates your knowledge in each exam category.

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On-Demand Video

Learning Through Questions on-demand video presents exam-type questions, allows you to stop the video and answer the question, then provides an instructor’s explanation of the answer and how to solve the problem. Includes exam-taking tips plus an entire section on real estate math questions.

Online Real Estate Flashcards

500 of the most common real estate terms and phrases presented in an online flashcard format. Test your knowledge and learn the terminology of real estate.

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Choose Your Option to Get Your Real Estate License


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What our students are saying

“I took the two week pre-license course here and it was excellent. My instructor used humor and anecdotes to make dry subjects interesting. I passed the licensing test on my first try! The administrative staff was easy to deal with and the school also offers cram courses to help you pass the test. I am going to go here for my Broker’s license when I am able.”
“My experience was about as good as you can get. The instructor was obviously invested in my success and in having everyone in class pass the state exam. The material provided by Barney Fletcher Schools was exactly what I needed to help me pass the tests. I passed the school and the state tests on my first try! I will be taking the post license courses at Barney Fletcher as well.”